Welcome to the Dearborn STEM Academy Project Website

This website will be used to keep City of Boston residents informed of all project news. Additional information about the Boston Public Schools can be found on the School District website.

This academic year, Dearborn Middle School embarked on an exciting process of transformation into the Dearborn STEM Academy, a STEM (Science, Technology, Math, and Engineering)- focused program serving students from grades 6-12 and slated to become a model for innovative, 21st century teaching and learning for the City of Boston. The Dearborn presently serves students in grades 6-11.

The forward-thinking academic program envisioned by the Dearborn Community, BPE, which operates the school, and district leadership emphasizes project and problem-based teaching and learning, integrated (cross-discipline) curriculum development and delivery, team teaching and faculty/student collaboration. As such, the requirements of the Dearborn’s school facility will be far from traditional, and the City of Boston’s plans to build a new state-of-the-art STEM science facility, promises to play an essential role in the new school’s success.

Dearborn STEM Academy